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With our fix-and-flip loans, Houston real estate investors have a dedicated source for private funding.

Hard Money Fix and Flip Loans for Real Estate Investors

Whether you are a first-time investor just starting or an experienced, expert house flipper, we have the perfect solutions for your investment.

At King James Lending, we are focused on designing loans for real estate investors that are simple, easy to understand, and profitable!
Our Fix and Flip Loans are structured to help investors purchase distressed properties quickly, provide funding for repairs and improvements, and flip them for maximum profit.

Why Finance Your Fix and Flip with King James?

In addition to our loan options, you get access to the expert team at King James Lending.

We can help you develop a plan of action to eliminate errors, increase returns, accelerate your income, and grow your investments. As real estate investors, we know what you want and need to succeed.

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What Is a Fix and Flip Loan?

A fix and flip loan is a type of short-term funding used by real estate investors for house-flipping, where they purchase and renovate houses to resell at a profit. They are a type of Hard Money Loan that help investors get through the renovation quickly and then sell for a profit.

This type of loan allows investors to close on a property quickly without jumping all of the hurdles traditional lending presents. Traditional lenders rarely offer these short-term loans. However, that’s not true of private lenders.

Private Lenders, like King James Lending in Houston, Texas, are funded directly by private individuals. Therefore, we can approve and fund loans with much more flexibility and speed.

Instead of basing loans on the borrower’s credit or income, we offer them on the property’s value. This asset-based lending model uses a property’s estimated “After Repair Value” to determine the loan amount and terms.

Below are some of the most common situations and use cases for Fix and Flip Loans for Real Estate Investors around our Houston, Texas – Seabrook, Texas area.

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    The Benefits of Fix and Flip Loans

    #1 Fix and Flip: Purchase, repair, and quickly sell the property.

    Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Rehab

    Hard money loans for real estate rehab allow investors to quickly purchase distressed properties, finance the repairs, and get the property back on the market much faster than any other real estate loan or mortgage.

    House Flipping with Private Money Lenders

    Private Money Lenders typically fund fix and flip projects. They may also provide funds for repairing and reselling commercial or multi-family properties.

    These funds allow investors to secure damaged or distressed real estate properties, finance necessary renovations and quickly resell them for a profit. Therefore, this type of real estate financing is also commonly referred to as house-flipping or fix-and-flip loans.

    Handyman Special Financing

    If you’re looking for special handyman financing, chances are you’re in the market for a hard money loan with loan terms built on the After Repair Value (ARV). ARV represents a distressed property’s estimated or appraised value after the proposed repairs are complete.

    Private money lenders typically lend 65-75% of the calculated ARV. The term, after repair value loans, is simply another way of saying hard money loans for distressed real estate, based on the value after repairs.

    Typically, fix-and-flip loans are short-term asset-based loans. Most often secured for distressed or damaged real estate properties. Generally, private investors issue them as interest-only loans. Moreover, they do not fall under the regulations of conventional mortgages, bank lenders, or credit unions.

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    #2 Fast Purchase & Resell: Quickly purchase and resell the property.

    Hard Money Loans without Repairs

    Another way the intelligent real estate investor can leverage fix and flip loans is the speed of funding.

    The fact that these loans can close in as little as 2-7 days can mean that your offer to purchase may be the only solution that can close in time (such as when a foreclosure is pending). In addition, the speed of a fix and flip loan often helps negotiate better terms or a lower sales price.

    These factors often allow the savvy property investor to buy and flip property at a much lower price, quickly generating a considerable ROI (return on investment).

    #3 Refinance, Rehab, & Resell: Funds for repairs on a property already owned. Quickly resell.

    Real Estate Rehab Loans for Owned Property

    This scenario provides a fast investment to repair a distressed property you own. As with the other types of hard money loans, speed is of the essence.

    A fix-and-flip loan provides fast and easy access to a wide range of resources and the cash needed to get the property repaired and back on the market at a much higher price than the current value.

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